Pine Needle Mulch Service

Sloping pine straw landscaping bed with retaining walls and shrubs.

Pine Needles Landscaping

Refreshing your pine needles, also called pine straw, or mulch for that matter, is a great way to keep your landscape beds looking well kept.

We always remove weeds before installing any new material in your beds and can also prune your plants before the service so everything is looking its very best.

Pine Straw Installation

We install Pine Straw a little differently than most companies; we take more time to lay it out so it looks natural and not just thrown down in a hurry.  No job is too big or small.

Backyard pine needle woods border with trees and shrubs.

Where To Buy Pine Needles?

One of the most popular bed coverings you will find in Gwinnett County is Pine Straw.  This option is not only lower cost compared to hardwood mulch, but looks terrific as well.

shrubs and pine needles in a backyard landscaping bed with a retaining wall and wooden fence.

Grass Maintenance

Pine Straw will give your flower and hedge beds a nice southern charm that compliments any home.

Side of the house pine needles bed before and after.