Leaf Removal 

Leaves covering front yard.

Leaf Removal Service

No matter where the leaves are located on your property, we have the right tools to efficiently round them up for removal.  Depending on the amount of fallen leaves you have, and other characteristics of your property, there are a number of ways we can go about performing your leaf removal to keep your cost as low as possible.

Why Remove Leaves From Your Lawn?

Fall leaf removal is quite a big deal in the South.

Not only does taking care of the leaves early in the season make your yard look great, it prevents potential problems when spring returns.

Allowing the wet leaves to lay on the grass is an open invitation to various fungi and pests that can rear their ugly head come spring time.  Let’s get you on a consistent schedule to stay on top of the leaf removal….your grass will thank you.

We Remove Leaves From: 

  • Lawns
  • Landscapes
  • Paved Surfaces
  • Decks, Playsets, etc.
Cute beagle puppy with yellow leaves as a mohawk.

Lawn Leaf Cleaning

To the average homeowner with homeowner grade lawn equipment, removing the leaves from your lawn and landscape is a daunting task.  Gwinnett Lawns has the right tools for the job and years of experience learning tips and tricks to expedite the process and keep our pricing as affordable as possible.

Leaves covering front yard of a yellow house with white pillars.

Leaf Collection and Removal

Kiss those leaves goodbye because they will not be back until next fall!

We use a combination of leaf blowers, rakes, leaf collection machines, tarps, and bags as needed to perform the job right depending on the circumstances.

Crepe myrtles are due for a pruning service each fall too.  If you would like us to handle your crepe myrtle pruning while we are on your property picking up the leaves, please just let us know.

Metal rake cleaning up a pile of yellow leaves.