Lawn Mowing

Don't just trust anyone with your Yard Maintenance

I have been in lawn care and lawn service for nearly 41 years and have learned a thing or two about how to do it correctly.  I specialize in the most common grasses in the Atlanta area...Bermuda. Lawn mowing is more than just cutting grass, its keeping it healthy and thriving.  I can help you if your in Grayson, Lawrenceville, Dacula and Loganville.

First, I use high end commercial mowers from Honda and Wright to achieve the best cut possible.  These mowers leave a superior cut and give me that ability to pulverize the grass so your lawn can use it as food.

Second, Bermuda should be cut frequently as well.  Ideally in the growth months of May-September every week for best results.  Bermuda should also NOT be bagged as this cheats the lawn out of valuable nitrogen that is available in the breakdown of the clippings.  Again my commercial mowers have the power to pulverize the clippings so its used as fertilizer in your own lawn.  Bermuda will choke out many weeds if it thickens up sufficiently which will reduce the need for as much weed control chemicals.

Third, feed your Bermuda what it needs NOT what some run of the mill company is spraying on everybody's yard that month.  I use a very concentrated natural fertilizer group that will feed the grass and amend the soil.  Doing a soil test will tell us what your specific yard will or will not need.

Fourth, I don't take short cuts on your lawn.  Each and every time I edge against all concrete, string trim around all obstacles and blow all hard surfaces clean of any grass clippings.  This gives a nice fresh appearance and lets you know the job was done right.

Take a look at the pic on the right.  That my lawn in April and already has a nice deep green color.  How did I achieve that?  By doing exactly what I mentioned in the above paragraph.  

Let me take care of your lawn and get it looking its best. 

Bermuda lawn cut at 1.5 inches and already getting green in late April.

Bermuda lawn cut at 1.5 inches and already getting green in late April.