COVID 19 Update

Keeping our clients and employees safe from COVID-19 is our top priority during this time and at all times.

We are open for business and accepting new clients!

Updated on 2/25/2022.

The only way to absolutely prevent the spread of COVID-19 is by having no contact at all with one another. At Gwinnett Lawns, we have improved our contactless abilities in 2 areas.

First, with regard to providing estimates and quotes, we now try to do this via Google Map Software, or by dropping by when no one is outside. Secondly, with regard to payments,  we have all clients set up on Credit Card on File so no personal contact is required.

Of course, all of our work is done on-site, so we are taking every recommended precaution, including washing hands frequently, wearing gloves and masks, and maintaining proper social distancing as much as possible.

Safety is essential in our business. We are committed to keeping our employees and customers safe!!

You can learn more about our company here, or go here directly to contact us!